Lay an egg in Pristina
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down... The Eggman: The German artist Armin Kobli has made a gigantic concrete egg, and now he hopes that it will be filled with messages for the future.

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PRISTINA: As a mobile broody hen, a German truck lays a huge concrete egg in front of the Pristina theatre at Easter. Now it is getting filled with email.

"I hope people will understand the deep meaning of this egg project," the German artist Armin Kobli says to KFOR Chronicle.

He is the artist who started this uncommon event. Standing in front of his lorry, he gives information about his creation to people passing by.

"This is the third step of my project," he says with a strong German accent.

The egg project is meant to be an expression of common people's thoughts for the next millennium. Actually, the main idea is to seal an incoming number of letters sent by citizens from all over the world in a trunk, which will be placed inside the egg.

To date, two more eggs have already been placed in 1999 and in 2000, one of them in Chernobyl. They are waiting to be opened respectively in the year 2999 and 3000.


This third egg, 'Ovum III', was built in Bremen, Germany close to a bunker from the 2nd World War. This egg will be moved through the troubled areas of the world, such as Jerusalem, Teheran and Johannesburg. It will finish its trip around the world in New York. There, it will be placed in front of the Headquarters of the United Nations.

"In my opinion, this egg should represent the willingness of peace and prosperity of people living in the troubled areas of our time. And it is to be handed over to the men of the future, to help them not to loose the way which leads to peace and co-existence."

Steel barrel: All the mail for the future will be sealed inside this steel barrel and then put inside the concrete egg. They are not to be opened in a thousand years.

He continues: "And it seems to me that Kosovo should be the right place to place this request from the people."

If you feel like writing a message to the next millenium, the address is:

OVUM III, 28165 Bremen, Germany.

Hopefully your message will be read one day, approximately in a thousand years time!